Overview: WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards Program

The WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards Ceremony is held in conjunction with WITSA's World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) events. The award ceremony is the centerpiece of the WCIT’s evening program.

With the goal of identifying the most outstanding ICT users, the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards honor organizations that have demonstrated exceptional achievement in using ICT to benefit societies, governments, individuals, organizations and the private sector.

The awards are divided into five broad categories.

  • Public Sector Excellence
  • Private Sector Excellence
  • Digital Opportunity
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Mobile Excellence

A 2016 awards program has been announced. An overview of the 2016 Award nominations and selection processes as well as a timeline is available here.

For additional information, contact Anders Halvorsen at ahalvorsen@witsa.org.