[IMPORTANT UPDATE] WITSA’s 2017 Emerging Digital Solutions Program – Online Submission Requirement!

We are pleased to announce that we now have an online application feature for our WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions program! All candidates should go to http://weds2017.epicentor.com/ and fill out their WEDS applications no later than July 17th. We kindly request at all current nominees also complete this online application as soon as possible. As...
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Apply by July 17 for WITSA’s 2017 Emerging Digital Solutions Program!

WELCOME TO THE WITSA’s EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS 2017! WITSA is very pleased to announce a unique opportunity for WITSA member companies to showcase their digital solutions and be recognized for their innovative solutions capable of transforming or positively impacting the well-being, prosperity, connectivity or productivity of others around the world. This new WITSA initiative will culminate at the...
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