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Whether you are the optimist that looks to the future of work augmented by automation, robots and Artificial Intelligence as the panacea for opportunity, or subscribe to the more pessimistic view that automation will disrupt and displace jobs and the people in them, both require essentially the same response: the need to build the human and workforce capabilities and skills required to exist in our modern digital age.

Unlike previous industrial revolutions in which education, training and labour market systems adapted over time to advances in technology, this current ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ commands a more urgent response.

While some jobs and people will be impacted more than others, new opportunities and new jobs will emerge.

As a result, a clear strategy is needed for preparing for this future as well as specific policy responses to issues such as the adjustment and re-employment of workers who are displaced; concerns about digital exclusion; and more broadly an understanding of what skills will be required and how they will be developed.

The AIIA Navigating Jobs of the Future Summit is designed to initiate the conversations that technology and digital leaders are driving.

As such, the AIIA Navigating Jobs of the Future Summit will focus on working with government, industry peers and educators to understand how best to prepare for a future workforce in which technology is an inevitable and integral part of how most work is done today.

Preparing for the jobs of tomorrow means that we need to start building the skills we will need today.

Be part of the conversation at the AIIA Navigating Jobs of the Future Summit and help drive this important agenda.

For more information, or to register, click here.