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COVID-19: Member News

FKII (Republic of Korea) [LINK] [LINK]

techUK (U.K.)
COVID-19 Information Hub [LINK]

Professional Services Council (PSC) USA [LINK]

CESSI (Argentina) [LINK]

AIIA (Australia) [LINK]

BAIT (Bulgaria) [LINK]

ITAC (Canada) [LINK]

Chiletec (Chile) [LINK]

Fedesoft (Colombia) [LINK]

FFTI (Finland) [LINK]

Syntec Numerique (France) [LINK]

SEPE (Greece) [LINK]
March 19, 2020: SEPE, the Federation of Hellenic ICT Enterprises, has created a special section where free services, solutions, and applications are posted to help limit personal contacts, thus reducing transmission of COVID-19. 


NASSCOM Foundation MyKartavya invites individuals and organizations to help join the fight against COVID – 19
The Indian technology industry has always been at the forefront of providing relief whenever disaster has struck. NASSCOM Foundation, as a representative of the technology industry is working tirelessly with its partner NGOs to provide support to the people in underserved communities and requests for the whole industry and its associates for its selfless contributions in India’s fight against COVID-19. [LINK]

JISA (Japan) [LINK]

PIKOM (Malaysia) [LINK]

Canieti (Mexico) [LINK]

Apebi (Morocco) [LINK]

Nederland ICT (Netherlands) [LINK]

NZTech (New Zealand) [LINK]

AMETIC (Spain)
March 19, 2020: Comunidad de Madrid: Asistencia COVID-19


SGTech (Singapore) [LINK]

ITA (South Africa) [LINK]

AMETIC (Spain) [LINK1] [LINK2]


CISA (Taiwan) [LINK]


IT Ukraine (Ukraine) [LINK]

CAVEDATOS (Venezuela) [LINK]

VINASA (Vietnam) [LINK]