NETmundial – Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance

The Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance will focus on crafting Internet governance principles and proposing a roadmap for the further evolution of the Internet governance ecosystem.  The meeting is scheduled for April 23rd and 24th 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will be live webcast enabling remote participation.  The meeting follows an initiative proposed by and /1net. #netmundial2014. NETmundial:

This meeting will include representatives from government, the private sector, the technical community, academia and civil society. Its high-level organizing committee, is composed of representatives of the Brazilian government and more than 8 countries ( Argentina , South Korea , United States, France , Indonesia , Tunisia and Turkey), plus the President of the ITU.

This conference is now open for registration ( for those who want to participate in person (the event will feature a extensive remote participation through hubs in Brazil and abroad). Note: The deadline for the expression of interest is February 28th.

Participation is limited by country and sector of activity due to space limitations. To ensure a balance between the various sectors about 150 representatives of the international business sector, including representatives of the domestic private sector will be accepted.

The program will cover two elements: universal principles for the use of Internet and a discussion of current Internet governance issues and possible solutions.

One of the criteria for the acceptance of on site participants of the meeting will be the presentation of contributions through the website ( ) until March 1 , in one of the topics that will be discussed at the meeting.

This is a very important meeting and gained momentum in large part by the speech of President Dilma Rousseff at the last UN General Assembly, when the need for security issues noted with principles for Internet governance , particularly in relation to privacy.

Business representatives that are engaged in or wish to engage in Internet Governance issues are encouraged to participate in this initiative.

It is very important that the private ICT sector is represented in the discussions, in addition to privacy and security issues , involving net neutrality, international data traffic and the internationalization of ICANN.


The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, responsible for establishing strategic directives related to the use and development of the Internet in Brazil, coordinates and integrates all Internet service initiatives in the country, promoting the technical excellence, innovation and dissemination of offered services. Based on the principles of multilateralism, transparency and democracy, represents a multistakeholder Internet governance model with the effective participation of all society sectors in their decisions. One of its formulations are the 10 Principles for the Governance and Use of the Internet. More information:

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/1net provides an inclusive and open platform to discuss Internet governance matters for all those interested (individuals, governments, civil society, academia, technicians, and business). More information on how to participate here:

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