i4j Book: Disrupting Unemployment

disruptingunemployment-front-cover-200x300The Future of work is the biggest challenge ahead of us. It will transform the whole economy in the next few years. What is the future of Paid Work? Employment? Education? Benefits? How will workplaces be organized? How will innovation create or destroy jobs?

The  i4j (innovation for jobs) Leadership Forum has been discussing how innovation can solve the future of work since the early beginnings in 2011. The i4j co-founders and co-chairs Vint Cerf and David Nordfors have gathered an eclectic think tank who are exchanging ideas between themselves every day, writing thousands of posts every year, commenting on the pitfalls and promises of artificial intelligence, automation, innovation,  job creation, macro- and microeconomics, and hundreds of other key ideas.

The Forum has until now maintained a low profile, focusing on being a venue for eclectic, frank and imaginative discussions, fostering our community, and as an incubator for ideas that later have come to public attention via the individual i4j community members and their own organizations. Most of the ideas remain unpublished, available only to the community.

More information can be found here.

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