Aníbal Carmona is the new president of CESSI

350-1926-anibalcarmona1After the Annual General Meeting of Members, the Argentina Chamber of Industry of Software and Information Services partially renewed its authorities and took stock of the achievements and challenges to address.

CESSI Argentina Chamber of Industry of Software and Information Services made on Thursday October 29, 2015 theAnnual General Meeting of Members , where the new composition of authorities for the period that begins presented.Also, a balance of the activities carried out during the last year and the issues that will shape the course of the next took place. On this day, the office of president was renewed by designating as the highest authority of the House toAníbal Carmona , president and founder of Unitech, a technology company with 25 years in the market, as well as other officers of the Board of Directors, including 3 vice presidents. As usual, we sought to maintain the representativeness of the different types of activities comprising Argentina industry Software and Computer Services (SSI), observing the participation of national and international, large, medium and small enterprises companies. In addition, federal through the presence of organizations across the country are guaranteed participation.

Thus was formed the new Board of Directors In his first speech as president of CESSI, Carmona said: "It is a great honor to chair the new Board of the Chamber and be part of this great team. " He added "I thank all the members of CESSI by confidence in the task at hand." Then presented the strategic plan to agree on its management to continue working for the growth and development of the industry, based on 4 key areas: 

Institutional: linkages and strategic alliances, development of the observatory, the business climate analysis and representativeness of the sector . 

-Markets: Argentina positioning the brand in the domestic and foreign markets, both aspects of demand generation and development of the offer. 

Talent: actions to promote the creation of more and better talent at all levels training, starting from digital literacy, digital public schools, technical programs and university courses, with the premise of diversity, key to generating value and developing new tools to fight the shortage of talents and professionals in the sector. 

Company : Argentina position the software industry as the major player for collaboration in the design of a more inclusive and developed Digital Argentina 2035, working specifically on plans to respond to new professions will emerge in the coming years as well also in the continuity of present technology plans to attend the inclusion and the digital transformation of society. 

In turn, a recognition it gave José María Louzao , chairman of the House for the past four years, who, upon receipt he expressed proudly: "I hope I have honored the president of CESSI and not only I have traveled." 

Distinctions were also awarded to Diego Berardo , for their dedication and achievements in its management within the Executive Committee between 2001 and 2015, and Vanessa Lucchesi , for her great performance as director of the Chamber during the period 2005- 2015. See video In this way, CESSI continue to work with these new authorities with the challenge of running a shared agenda for growth and development of industry Argentina SSI, which is the star of the knowledge industry.

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