BIZ FIT successfully completed EXPO 2015, the Ibero-American Summit and ICT ALETI XXXII Assembly in October 2015, Panama City, Panama.

ALETI GABIZ FIT EXPO 2015: exchange of knowledge and experiences on Innovation, Technology and Business

Between 20 and 22 October, he was held in Panama City, the Seventh Meeting of Innovation, Technology and Business (BIZ FIT 2015).This was organized by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP); the Panamanian Chamber of Information Technology, Innovation and Technology (CAPATEC); and the City of Knowledge. The event was attended by delegations, speakers and exhibitors from over 15 countries. The following activities that promoted the exchange of knowledge took place:

  • Cycle of conferences and forums: they were  formed by first class international speakers, focused on current issues in innovation and business around ICT.
  • Business Roundtable "Techno-Logistics" : functioned as a meeting place between exhibitors and buyers of the EXPO 2015 and EXPO LOGISTICS PANAMA BIZ FIT PANAMA 2015 fairs.
  • Display area: participated the most important companies in the ICT industry in Panama and the region.
  • American Summit of Information and Communication Technologies.
  • XXXII Ordinary General Assembly ALETI.
  • Seminar Login> PT: offered by the delegation of Portuguese businessmen organized by ANETIE, technological trends in ICT and innovation of Portuguese ICT companies were presented.
  • Integration cocktail offered by the Embassy of Argentina in Panama.

American Summit of Information and Communication Technology: Towards an Action Plan of the Strategy and Brand Country Panama HI ICT 2020 and ICT Development Sector in the Latin American Region

The international event brought together key players from the public, private and academic sectors of Panama; and international experts from 15 countries in the Latin American region. Its main objective was to contribute in building dialogue and consensus initiatives and joint actions of countries to consolidate the Public Unified Strategy - Private, for the development of the ICT sector of Panama, its Strategy and Brand Country PANAMA HI ICT 2020 and to develop the ICT sector in the Latin American region.

The Summit was held on October 22 and began with a high-level meeting in which senior officials from various ministries and organizations related to the issues affecting ICT ALETI and international experts who presented success stories involved the countries they represent.


To or during the day, the following activities were developed:

  • ICT Iberoamerican Dialogue: worked on the development of initiatives and proposals on public-private partnership for development of human talent in the industry, the regulatory framework and incentives for growth and foreign trade and technological ecosystem.
  • Talent workshop.
  • Workshop on Trade and technological ecosystem.
  • Workshop and Incentives Regulatory Framework for Growth Sector.
  • Workshop Towards an action plan of the Strategy and Brand Country Panama HI 2020 ICT and Development of the ICT sector in the Latin American region.

Results of the XXXII Ordinary General Assembly ALETI

On October 23 it took place the  XXXII Ordinary General Assembly ALETI, in which a new executive committee was elected and presented the Plan of Action 2015-2017:

  • Election of New Board of Directors: for the Assembly ALETI authorities for the period 2015-2017 were renewed. The Steering Committee was comprised as follows: - Chair: CESSI of Argentina. - Vice President: . ASSESPRO Brazil - Secretary:AESOFT of Ecuador. - Treasury: CAVEDATOS of Venezuela. - Investigation Board: ANETIE of Portugal. - Investigation Board:  AMETIC of Spain. - Investigation Board: CAPATEC of Panama. - Investigation Board Alternate:  . SOFEX AGEXPORT in Guatemala - Trustee: . CAMTIC of Costa Rica - Deputy Trustee: CUTI of Uruguay.

Presentation of Action Plan 2015-2017: an action plan, concrete and clear, whose main objectives are to promote and enhance the growth of the ICT industry in the region was presented.

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