John Higgins picked to lead European Commission’s strategic policy forum on digital entrepreneurship


John Higgins picked to lead European Commission’s strategic policy forum on digital entrepreneurship


BRUSSELS, (March 10th  2014) – The European Commission has created a new forum dedicated to enhancing digital entrepreneurship in Europe, and has picked John Higgins, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE as its president. Mr. Higgins is also a former WITSA Public Policy Chairman and Board member.The forum brings together large corporations, SMEs, trade unions, civil society, policy makers, academia, as well as digital entrepreneurs.

“The aim of the forum is to nurture digital entrepreneurship in Europe,” said Mr Higgins. “I’m delighted to play a leading role in this initiative. It aligns perfectly with DIGITALEUROPE’s vision for a digitally successful Europe,” he added.

The forum was set up by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. It includes 40 experts hand-picked to support the development of policies and initiatives that enhance digital entrepreneurship in Europe.

Two Vice-Presidents complete the leadership team: Mrs. Irène Braam (Bertelsmann, VP of Government Relations) and Mr. António Murta (PATHENA, Managing Partner and Co-Founder).

The digital economy is developing rapidly worldwide.  New technologies such as mobile devices, social media, cloud computing and data analytics, offer organizations of all shapes and sizes new opportunities to improve the way they work.

Digital technologies offer ways of improving the way organizations function. By applying these technologies firms can for example, boost their revenue streams, speed up the process of getting their products to market, enhance service provision, better anticipate demand, and reduce their costs.

How well and how quickly European businesses adopt digital technologies will be a key determinant of their growth in future years.

The key objectives of the Forum are to:

  • Reinforce the dialogue among business, science, trade unions, civil society and public authorities, with the aim of shaping an EU ambitious vision, a short and long-term strategy on Digital entrepreneurship and concrete actions to its implementation;
  • Advise the Commission on key policy issues and actions to support business transformation and offer, in particular to European SMEs, new opportunities and a leading place in the modern digital economy;
  • Promote the development of Digital Entrepreneurship policies by Member States at national, regional and city level, by improving awareness on the potential impact of digital technologies in businesses, as well as on relevant policy initiatives and public-private partnerships in the EU and main international partners.

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