Join us at the AIIA Navigating Digital Government Summit


The 2017 AIIA Navigating Digital Government Summit will bring together political, business and technology leaders to discuss the complex issues of how technology is transforming the customer experience and what this means for the way Government does business and interacts with customers in the future.

The Australian government has pledged to create a future-proofed nation, one that is fit to drive higher economic growth and improved standards of living. Riding the wave of technology led disruption, agility and innovation is key.  But this also means that the way Government delivers its services - and the way it does its business will inevitably need to change. Keeping pace with the expectations of customers has never been more challenging.

With the technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive intelligence, robotics, natural language capability and quantum physics a reality, the 2017 Summit will examine customer service, service delivery and customer experiences of the future.

As well as the impact on service delivery, key areas of focus will include the implications of these new technologies and customer service expectations on Government policy, risk and governance approaches and consider what this means for the role of government in delivering services in the future.

Through direct consultation with key stakeholders in the development of the Summit program, AIIA can confirm that the 2017 Navigating Digital Government Summit topics resonate with all levels of government and business. This Summit takes the role of technology in government business and service delivery to the next level – with the focus squarely on the experience that customers increasingly expect.

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