Rebrand of Intellect | techUK launches 07 November

Rebrand of Intellect | techUK launches 07 November

I am excited to announce the rebrand of Intellect as techUK from 07 November 2013.Technology has always defined the future. From the most basic stone tools to the electric motor, innovation in technology has defined the way people live their lives. Today our futures are being defined by digital tech. As the trade association for the digital technology sector, techUK represents the companies and technologies that are defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow. In a very real sense techUK represents the future.

It is hard to think of any aspect of modern life that is not touched by digital technology. From the functioning of our economy to the way we interact with our children. So much of our modern world is being re-written by digital innovation. Our role as techUK is to ensure that we seize the potential for good and address the disruptive new challenges that change and innovation always present. This underpins our simple vision to ensure that tech is good for the UK, the UK is good for tech and that tech is good for people.

Over the last ten years Intellect has represented the companies and the technologies that define the world we live in today: the world of Wi-Fi; 3G; 4G; superfast broadband; digital TV; smart energy meters; online payments; data centres; cloud computing; e-health; and cyber security. Throughout those years Intellect was looking to the future – both the opportunities and the challenges – that would stem from digital technology.

As the sector has grown and developed, we have changed to reflect the breadth and potential of tech in the UK. techUK will build on Intellect's work, whilst reflecting the faster pace of change that continues to disrupt and drive the sector and supporting a more diverse base of innovative and fast growing tech companies operating across the economy and across the UK.

As techUK we have an increased focus on the geographical spread of great tech innovation in the UK, not just in regional centres. London is a global hub for technology, but more widely, at the heart of tech in the UK is an ecosystem of 270,000 companies producing digital technologies, products and services. From east to west, north and south, from enterprise class organisations to established medium-sized businesses, growing small businesses and an exciting generation of tech start-ups: the UK is a hotbed of tech talent and techUK exists to represent the sector in its entirety.

techUK has been formed for the future: to understand the opportunities that technology provides; to support the companies and innovators that can realise those opportunities; and to address the challenges that change and innovation always present.

I hope you join us in our excitement of what the future holds both for the tech sector and for our individual members and partners - as together we are techUK! I look forward to working with you over the coming year.

Yours sincerely

Julian David

CEO, techUK


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