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Jacqueline de Rojas - TechUK President & as Area VP of Northern Europe for Citrix

In her inaugural speech as the new techUK President, de Rojas set out her ambition going forward, saying:

"My ambition? A world leading connected and inclusive economy; a source and hub for global digital talent and innovation; a national ecosystem of thriving regional clusters. In short a world leading digital nation of significance. The UK as Europe's Silicon Valley is within our grasp."

She is achieving this on two fronts - one, as President of techUK, an organisation that represents over 900 companies that are 'defining today the world that we will live in tomorrow.' Jacqueline has held the role of deputy president and board champion for women on the board of techUK, with the drive to champion women in tech stemming from an experience in one of her first management roles - apparently, the company that she worked for 'didn't put women on the leadership team.'

This is very much still an issue now, with Jacqueline telling CBR in a recent interview; "Female representation on FTSE 100 boards has increased from 12.5{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257} in 2011 to 23.5{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257} in 2015 so while things are changing, sexism is holding back over 50{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257} of the population from reaching the very top."

Jacqueline told CBR that the lack of women in IT was actually a cross gender issue, but to get more women in tech we need to target the girls at a young age. Echoing the sentiments of other women in this list, Jacqueline said:

"The UK has one of the worst records in science performance for girls in the world according to the OECD - and European Commission research also suggests that the skills gap is larger in the UK than anywhere else in the EU, with the gender imbalance remaining a pervasive issue throughout the education system and within the IT workforce.

"The best way to counter this is to get girls engaged at a younger age. Things like Code Club should be supported and participation encouraged as they ultimately improve the numbers selecting STEM subjects at school."

I mentioned two fronts in which Jacqueline is striving to achieve her ambitions - the second front is in her capacity as Area VP of Northern Europe for Citrix. Her day-to-day job is the result of a career spanning a number of global blue-chip software companies where she has excelled in accelerating growth.

The digital skills gap is of major concern to business leaders, with the next woman in tech leading an organisation which partners with industry to get young people passionate about STEM

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