techUK Priorities for European Exit Negotiations

[March 29, 2017] techUK has previously set out its priorities for UK Government in forthcoming negotiations. The tech sector increasingly underpins every aspect of business and of people’s lives. techUK believes that securing a good deal for the UK must mean securing a good deal for tech.

Delivering such a deal will require the negotiations to be conducted in the spirit of partnership. That is why the response from our CEO, Julian David, on today’s events focuses on the need for both sides to work together.

Julian said:

“The triggering of Article 50 begins a historic process that will shape the future of the UK and Europe for generations to come. The European Union and the UK Government now have a responsibility to work together to secure a deal that supports the jobs and livelihoods of citizens across the UK and the EU.  

 “Digital is one of the fastest growing sectors in Britain, accounting for 16% of GVA, 24% of total UK exports, and three million jobs. A smooth conclusion to these negotiations is vital for this innovation to continue to thrive. A chaotic Brexit that results in the UK falling back on WTO rules will benefit no one.  

 “The tech industry wants to see a trade agreement that ensure the industry continues to grow, including continued market access, frictionless movement of talent and a robust legal process for cross border data flows. Both sides must remember that a good deal for tech is a good deal for everyone. A new relationship must be forged that not only works for today’s economy, but for tomorrow’s digitally-enabled world.

 “We urge all parties to enter into the negotiations committed to achieving an outcome that supports the strong mutual interests of both the UK and the EU. These negotiations will be complex and arduous but must be conducted in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect if they are to achieve the outcome that works for tech, the public and the future.”

In the coming weeks techUK will be launching a series of papers and events to help inform the Brexit negotiations and UK’s future place in the world.  The first of these will be held tomorrow (Thursday), when we launch a new paper on migration that will make recommendations on improving the UK’s current migration system for non-EU migrants and build on techUK’s priorities for ensuring the continued flow of talent between the UK and the EU.  Further details about the event can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding techUK’s ongoing work, or want to talk through further our response to Article 50, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Giles Derrington, our Head of Policy for European Exit on

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