The 10th Annual Survey of the Russian Software Export Industry

I am very happy to present you the results of the10th annual survey of the software export industry in Russia.

The research was conducted by RUSSOFT (Association of software companies, RUSSOFT) from February to April, 2013 when more than 140 market players were interrogated.

This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our research, so we decided to improve the methodology and to revise the previously obtained results. During the revision we came to conclusion that our last year’s estimates of export value of the Russian software and of software development services were almost completely confirmed (with a very small correction upwards). The ratio of export shares of different industry’s segments has slightly changed, but it has not led to major changes in the identified trends and the previously drawn conclusions.

Now we can even more safely judge the industry position in the global market, to trace dynamics of its development, to identify long-term and medium-term tendencies as well as to predict the further course of events.

The last year passed within the global contraction of the economic growth and with a slowdown in the Russian industrial growth. This period was also marked by the ‘rebound’ in the Russian IT market dynamics – the market volume practically remained at the previous year’s level. Nevertheless, in 2012 the Russian software development industry continued to develop actively, having increased its export almost by 15% and having reached the export volume of 4.6 billion dollars. The last year was notable for several distinctive features: a whole group of Russian software vendors were included in the so-called "Magic Quadrants" of Gartner and Russian service companies strengthened their positions in the international ratings. The trend of attracting investments into the Russian IT industry became more apparent (two more Russian representatives – Luxoft and QIWI successfully held the IPO procedure and entered the world financial market, while venture investments in the Russian IT grew up to 2.3 times compared to the previous year.

I would like to catch this opportunity and to thank the Confirmit and Toy Opinion for their effective support of source information collection, to PROMT for their professional translation services as well as to convey our sincere gratitude to Andrey Terekhov, professor of St. Petersburg University, for his participation in the report editing. And certainly, I wish to give kind words of gratitude to our analyst Dmitry Zhelvitsky for his fantastic work on putting together all the obtained information.

We are very grateful to the Association of Computer and Information Technology Companies (APKIT) and to our sponsors without whom it would have been impossible to perform such a large-scale project.

Many thanks to all survey participants who provided information on their companies. The jubilee research summarizes the result of the industry development decade, and this result is very positive. The industry is rapidly developing and is becoming a significant and respected global market player.

Best regards,
Valentin Makarov
Executive Editor
RUSSOFT Association President

Download Full Report:

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 In Russian (PDF | 10MB)

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