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WITSA Membership Application Form

Section A:

Membership Category

Section B: Particulars of the Association/Corporation/Government Entity/Other

  • Please explain why your association is the leading ICT Industry Association within your country or economy.
  • Limit No more than 100 words.
  • Supporting documents are welcome (attached).

Section C: Association Representatives Related to WITSA Matters


Primary Contact

Secondary Contact

Section D: Supporting Documents

  1. Brief profile of your association
  2. Brief write‐up on principal activities, products & services (if any).

Section E: Declaration

The undersigned declares that the information provided in this application form is correct. The undersigned understands and agrees to abide by WITSA's Bylaws (, if admitted as a member of WITSA. The undersigned agree to keep WITSA informed of any material changes within the organization that may negatively affect WITSA. The undersigned declares that there are no current or forthcoming legal proceedings or actions against the member organization that may in any way negatively affect WITSA.

Organization Representative