WITSA Advisory Council

In 2012, WITSA established an Advisory Council inviting distinguished individual from industry, governments and multilateral institutions in order to enable greater public policy dialogue and engagements globally for WITSA. WITSA sought members who were responsible for, or influencing, the role of ICT in sustainable growth and development.  By engaging in discussion with the council WITSA would have a better understanding of policy issues affecting global ICT development.

Participants in this special Council gain access to a vast and unique global network of people who have a common purpose in fulfilling the promise of the Digital Age, across virtually all cultures, societies and stages of economic development, by helping develop and deliver effective public policies regarding the development, application and use of ICT.

For more information about the council please contact Jim Poisant, Secretary General of WITSA at jpoisant@witsa.org

WITSA Advisory Council Members:


  • Chairman-Santiago Gutierrez, Chairman WITSA 
  • Dr. James H. Poisant/Secretary General
  • Mr. R. Chandrashekhar, Chairman, WITSA's Global Policy Action Committee (GPAC)
  • Som Mittal,  Former President NASSCOM, India


  • TBA
    Dell, Inc.
  • Dr. Vint Cerf, Chief Evangelist
  • Google
  • David MacDonald, President, CEO & Director
  • Howard A. Schmidt- Former Special Assistant to the President and the Cybersecurity Coordinator for the U.S. federal government, President and CEO of the Information Security Forum (ISF).
  • Mr Sergey Martynov, Former Foreign Minister/US Ambassador
    EPAM Corporation/Belarus
  • Honorable H.E. Ivo Ivanovski - Former Minister of Communications and Information Society, Republic of Macedonia
    Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs - Europe
    América Móvil


Honorable Alex Mora
Minister (Secretary) of Foreign Trade
Government of Costa Rica


  1. Mexico IT (Representative TBD)
  2. Dr. Gary Gong
    Executive Vice President
    Institute for Information Industry (III)
    Chinese, Taipei


Mr. Allan Marcus Senior Director
Head Information Technologies & Communications Industries,
The World Economic Forum (WEF), New York, USA.

Mr. Torbjörn Fredriksson
Chief, ICT Analysis Section
Science, Technology and ICT Branch
Division on Technology and Logistics
UNCTAD, United Nations / Geneva, Switzerland

Mr. John S. Wilson
Center for Global Enterprise
New York, NY


Dr. Robert Kahn (One of the Fathers of the Internet)
President  & CEO
Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Reston, Virginia (USA)

Mr. John Higgins, Director General

Ms. Sally Shipman Wentworth
Senior Manager of Public Policy
Internet Society (ISOC)