WITSA’s 2016 ICT World Award Winners

  • WITSA is the most comprehensive and influential entity representing the Information and Communications technology (ICT) and services industry in the world
  • Awards recognize the entities that made the most significant contributions to mankind in 2016.
  • Six “ICT Excellence” awards, two “Eminent Person” awards and the “Chairman” award were presented by WITSA’s Chairman to the winners.

Brasilia, Brazil: On the final day of the 2016 World Congress on Information Technology, the World Information Technology and services Alliance (WITSA) announced that six private and public sector organizations from five different countries were selected to receive the 2016 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards. Additionally, the special WITSA Chairman’s Award is presented to one of the nominees:

  • 2016 Chairman’s Award: The Green Data Center LLP, Malaysia
  • 2016 Public Sector Excellence Award: Seoul Metropolitan Government (for Clean Construction System)
  • 2016 Private Sector Excellence Award: Aranz Medical (AML)
  • 2016 Sustainable Growth Award: Public Transport by Makedonski Telekom
  • 2016 Mobile Excellence Award: KT (Korea Telecom)
  • 2016 Digital Opportunity Award: Project TIC-as: Conditions and Opportunities for Integration of Rural Women in the ICT Sector (Developed by Cooperativa Sulá Batsú R.L)
  • 2016 Emerging Digital Solutions Award (WEDS): CommandWear Systems Inc.

WITSA bestowed his Eminent Person Award to two winners in 2016: Dr. Miguel Ângelo Laporta Nicolelis, a scientist best known for his pioneering work in "reading monkey thought", and Dr. William Magee, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder of Operation Smile, who has dedicated the past 32 years to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults around the world.

Finally, WITSA issued sixteen merit award certificates. While not being selected as winners of one of the award categories, these merit winners nevertheless displayed first-rate use of ICT.


The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) is the leading recognized international voice of the global ICT industry, whose members from over 80 countries and economies represent more than 90 percent of the world ICT market.  WITSA is dedicated to advocating policies that advance industry growth and development; facilitating international trade and investment in ICT products and services; strengthening WITSA’s national industry associations; and providing members with a broad network of professional contacts.  WITSA hosts the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), the premier global industry sponsored ICT conference.

WITSA members are leaders in a globally interconnected marketplace. Because the challenges facing the ICT industry are undisputedly global in nature, WITSA members work together to achieve a shared vision on important issues of common interest. WITSA makes it possible for its members — ranging from Mongolia and Argentina to Kenya and the United States — to identify common issues and priorities, exchange valuable information, and present a united position on industry issues.

For more information on WITSA, please visit www.witsa.org



At every World Congress on IT, the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards recognize select organizations whose use of IT has exhibited exceptional achievement within six broad categories: Public Sector Excellence, Private Sector Excellence, Mobile Excellence, Digital Opportunity, Sustainable Growth and Emerging Digital Solutions. In addition, a special WITSA Chairman’s Award is presented to a nominee from the entire pool of candidates from all categories.

WITSA has also established its highest award called WITSA’s Eminent Persons Award in 2010.  Since establishing the award, its recipients have been Dr Nelson Mandela, Dr Mike Lazaratis, Dr Vint Cerf, Dr. Robert Khan, Dr John O’Sullivan & Dr Percival.  The intent of the Award is to recognize individuals who have made or continue to make significant contributions to mankind.  These contributions are not necessarily ICT related.

At the October 4th Awards Ceremony in Brasilia, WITSA bestowed this award to two additional persons who have made significant contributions to humanity: Dr. Miguel Ângelo Laporta Nicolelis, is a Brazilian scientist and physician, best known for his pioneering work in "reading monkey thought", and Dr. William Magee, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder of Operation Smile, who has dedicated the past 32 years to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults around the world.

WITSA also announced the inaugural “2016 WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions” (WEDS) winners. The WEDS winners were selected for their innovative digital solutions capable of transforming the wellbeing, prosperity, connectivity or productivity of others around the world. Each selected solution winner was offered an opportunity to showcase their products or services at the 2016 World Congress on IT, and were recognized at the Awards Ceremony. This program was made possible with the supporting partnership of Memora S.A. and SEBRAE, Brazil.

The 2016 WITSA Awards was remarkable for its large number of highly qualified nominees, received from WITSA’s network of ICT industry associations in 80 countries around the world. WITSA therefore elected to also recognize the most noteworthy runner-up candidates by announcing several WITSA merit award certificates. While not being selected as winners of one of the award categories, these merit winners nevertheless displayed first-rate use of ICT.

The winners of the 2016 WITSA Awards are listed below:


Eminent Persons Award

Dr. Miguel Ângelo Laporta Nicolelis

Dr. Miguel Ângelo Laporta Nicolelis, is a Brazilian scientist and physician, best known for his pioneering work in "reading monkey thought". He and his colleagues at Duke University implanted electrode arrays into a monkey's brain that were able to detect the monkey's motor intent and thus able to control reaching and grasping movements performed by a robotic arm This was possible by decoding signals of hundreds of neurons recorded in volitional areas of the cerebral cortex while the monkey played with a hand-held joystick to move a shape in a video game. These signals were sent to the robot arm, which then mimicked the monkey's movements and thus controlled the game. After a while the monkey realized that thinking about moving the shape was enough and it no longer needed to move the joystick. So it let go of the joystick and controlled the game purely through thought. A system in which brain signals directly control an artificial actuator is commonly referred to as brain-machine interface or brain-computer interface.

On January 15, 2008, Dr. Nicolelis' lab saw a monkey implanted with a new BCI successfully control a robot walking on a treadmill in Kyoto, Japan. The monkey could see the robot, named CB, on a screen in front of him, and was rewarded for walking in sync with the robot (which was under the control of the monkey). After an hour the monkey's treadmill was turned off, but he was able to continue to direct the robot to walk normally for another few minutes, indicating that a part of the brain not sufficient to induce a motor response in the monkey had become dedicated to controlling the robot, as if it were an extension of itself. 

Dr. William Magee, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder of Operation Smile

Dr. William Magee, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder of Operation Smile, has dedicated the past 32 years to helping improve the health and lives of children and young adults around the world. As a leading plastic and craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Magee has trained thousands of physicians worldwide, delivered hundreds of keynote speeches for corporate and national meetings, holds honorary doctorates from many prominent universities, and has appeared in numerous national publications, documentaries and news shows. Under Dr. Magee’s leadership, Operation Smile has grown to be the largest volunteer-based organization providing free cleft surgeries in the world with over 5,400 volunteers. Operation Smile has provided over 220,000 free surgeries for children and young adults born with cleft lips, cleft palates, and other facial deformities in over 60 countries since 1982. In his home state of Norfolk, VA, Dr. Magee maintains a private practice and is Co-Director of The Institute for Craniofacial and Plastic Surgery in the Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. Go to: http://www.tribecadisruptiveinnovationawards.com/dr-bill-magee-operation-smile/#sthash.zYvAlGI2.dpuf

The Chairman’s Award

Green Data Center LLP

Eco2 is an innovative and multiple international award winning fluid submersion cooling solution for DCs. Any industry standard OEM server, network switch, router or firewall can be submersed completely in a 6-foot reservoir containing a novel coolant derived from natural esters making it sustainable, renewable, bio-degradable and nontoxic. The heat from the equipment transfers to the coolant which is 1350 more efficient than air. It is then very cost and energy efficient to cool the coolant using radiators or evaporative cooling towers, thereby negating the need for the traditional highly energy inefficient and expensive air cooling system. The technology lowers capex by 70{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257}, opex by 50{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257} and the associated carbon footprint by 50{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257}. This year will bring further innovation extending the novel Eco2 capability by placing Eco2 reservoirs into 20-foot shipping containers called koolKUBEs, these can be deployed as a modular solution and stacked to save premium space and reduce buildout costs significantly.
Website: www.greendata.center

Contact: Matthew Rajendra, Chief Executive Officer

matt@greendata.center; Tel. +60172002089

Public Sector Excellence Award

 Seoul Metropolitan Government (for Clean Construction System)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government set the direction of municipal administration as following in order to lead substantial changes in every corner of civic life to make the ideal of a “Citizens’ Metropolitan City” come true; to realize a “Safe City” by concentrating the capabilities of the municipal administration on the safety of citizens, to build a “Warm City” through outreach welfare services focusing on field activities, to realize a “Dreaming City” by promising business discovery and urban regeneration, to build a “Breathing City” through the restoration of a healthy urban environment and ecosystem, and to realize an “Open City” through communication and innovation, changing citizens’ lives for the better. Seoul was designated as the number 1 city in the “e-Governments of World Cities Index” 6 times in a row beginning in 2003. It founded the World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) and has led the globalization of e-governments as the president city of WeGO.

Contact: Mr. Jong Geon Kim, Construction Management Division Director, Seoul Metropolitan Infrastructure Headquarters

jgkim@seoul.go.kr; Tel. + 82+2+3708+2310

Private Sector Excellence Award

ARANZ Medical (AML)

Highly innovative: ARANZ Medical (AML) is a specialist in highly innovative imaging, 3D scanning and informatics solutions for the healthcare sector that transform clinical assessment processes, improve the quality of care for patients, and make healthcare more cost-effective. First to market: AML were the first to market with their key innovations: Silhouette, an FDA-approved advanced wound surveillance system; and FastSCAN which enables the custom-fit of orthotics and prosthetics.

Exceptional ICT achievement to transform healthcare: ARANZ Medical has demonstrated exceptional achievement in using ICT to transform aspects of healthcare and in doing so benefit societies, governments, organizations and individuals. AML’s systems have transformed assessment methodologies in woundcare and orthotics & prosthetics, bringing smart 21st technology to some of the most primitive processes in healthcare, to better serve the needs of clinicians, researchers, patients, communities and governments.

Global impact: ARANZ Medical’s solutions are having a global impact and are now helping people in 35 countries from Africa to the largest healthcare players in the US & UK. Increased prevalence of diseases like diabetes, which are reaching epidemic proportions, an ageing population, and more accountable healthcare is driving the increasingly rapid update of their solutions.

Success: ARANZ Medical’s success has been recognised widely with a number of awards over the past 18 months: - 2015: Winner: AmCham Export Company of the Year - 2015: Winner: United Nations World Summit Award - Health & Environment category - 2015: Winner: Champion Producer/ Manufacturer at the Champion Canterbury Awards - 2016: Winner: Emerging Company category at the NZ HiTech Awards.

Contact: Bruce Davey, CEO

bruce.davey@aranzmedical.com | Tel. +64 21 556 763 | www.aranzmedical.com


Sustainable Growth Award

Public Transport by Makedonski Telekom

The project for the implementation of the integrated system for automatic vehicle location and automatic fare collection in the public busses was the first smart city project in the country. Following the example of the world metropolises, Makedonski Telekom led the transformation of the City of Skopje into a modern and smart city. This system presents an excellent opportunity to promote mass public transport, manage transport demand, reduce traffic jams and air pollution. Additionally, providing a fast, transparent and simple fare collection significantly improved the customer experience for both citizens and tourists.

With this system, the Skopje public transport company, managed to modernize and optimize its operations, thus improving the quality of public traffic, providing faster and more efficient transport in the capital and increasing the long-term attractiveness of public transport. Now, the City of Skopje is able to monitor in real-time the city traffic network and passenger movement, as well as to control, regulate and adjust the transport service. The introduction of this system has led to numerous economic and social benefits, starting with the transport service improvement, keeping up to the bus timetables, bus route optimization and reduction of the waiting times in line with the current developments in the City traffic.

Following the smart city concept, the solution aims to diminish the social and economic problems of the citizens by providing better and more reliable public transport, creating sustainable economic development and improved quality life of both citizens and tourists. Additionally, the innovative elements in this project and the application of new state-of-the-art technologies ensure the protection of the environment. Hence, the nomination for this solution is in the category of sustainable growth.

 Contact: Mr Ideval Munhoz

Managing Director at T-Systems Brazil

Ideval.Munhoz@t-systems.com.br | Cell: +55 11 983461313

 Verce Georgievska-Rupic

Corporate Communication

Senior External Communication Specialist

+389 71 200 014 | +389 02 3242 566 | verce.georgievska2@telekom.mk | http://www.telekom.mk


Digital Opportunity Award

Project TIC-as: Conditions and Opportunities for Integration of Rural Women in the ICT Sector (Developed by Cooperativa Sulá Batsú R.L. )

This is an NGO initiative that has positively impacted rural women with the immersion of scientific and technological knowledge for their use in entrepreneurial activities, education and empowerment. It has also built a strong base for the continuity of the program stands on its own and can be replicated among other rural or vulnerable communities in Costa Rica. The initiative has been thoughtfully documented to strengthen its options for replicates in any part of the world.

There are currently 130 women from high schools with higher technical knowledge, leadership skills and entrepreneur’s abilities. They lead their own processes as the creation of support groups for first time admitted on the college women. They have also joined organizations of the ICT sector; for example the organizing efforts of the Technology Summit. They have organized, designed and executed the Girls & Technology Club and the Moms & Technology Club in that same zone.

There are also entrepreneurs with a digital base of women in an incubation process; all of them have presented their proposals to the seed capital fund of “FoMujeres” with technological prototypes, business models, budgets, market research, all of which were very well defined.

Contact: Ms. Melissa Arias, Sulá Batsú Associate / researcher | melissa@sulabatsu.com | +50622531326


Mobile Excellence Award

KT (Korea Telecom)

For the first time in the world, Korea achieved 100{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257} LTE coverage in just 2 years. Also, Korea has already seen revolutionary change through LTE network. KT is the company which is leading the network evolution as the No.1 telecommunications service provider in Korea. With its unique position to utilize both mobile and fixed network, KT is always preparing for providing unprecedented mobile data speed to people in the most advanced telecom market.

As part of these preparations, KT launched the world’s first GiGA LTE service in June 2015. Customers in the nation are now enjoying maximum 1.17Gbps download speed on the move. Besides GiGA LTE, KT has introduced other giga-speed solutions, such as GiGA WiFi and GiGA Internet. KT’s another ambitious plan is to adopt these ‘GiGA technologies’ for 5G network deployment at the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games for the world to see. Furthermore, KT entered into a strategic partnership, including export of GiGA LTE service, with Turk Telekom of Turkey on 2016. The partnership includes not only export of the GiGA LTE service, but cooperation for the development of global technical standard s for 5G and 5G services, which provides a good example of spreading KT’s advanced technology to the world.

Contact: Mr. Cheol Gyu Lee, Executive Vice President of Network O&M Headquarter

cglee@kt.com | Tel. +82-10-6751-1300


WITSA Emerging Digital Solutions Award (WEDS)

CommandWear Systems Inc. (Canada)

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, CommandWear Systems, Inc. is leveraging mobile and wearable technology, such as smartwatches, to change the way emergency response is done. The company has developed a software platform that integrates data from wearables and sensors to give responders unprecedented, real-time situational awareness to the last tactical mile. The company's software platform provides real-time personnel location tracking (blueforce tracking), two-way text-based communications, real-time picture video sharing, and event replay capabilities to help responders protect our communities and themselves. CommandWear has successfully deployed this system with high profile police, fire, emergency medical and security organization across North America since 2014 and with the recent surge in security threats around the globe is generating high interest from international markets.

Website: www.commandwear.com

Contact: Michael Morrow, Founder & CEO

crisysmike@gmail.com | Tel. +1.604.761.3647

Merit winners (honorable mention)


  • Royal Malaysian Police (for the solution: "Crime to Manpower Heat Map and Simulator (C2MHS)")
  • MSIP & KISTI (for NTIS)
  • National Library Board of Singapore (NLB)
  • Singapore State Courts



  • ActivHearts™ by Well Being Digital Limited
  • Fueloyal by 4Virtus
  • Project Open Champi, developed by CRCibernética and Champiñones Vara Blanca, Costa Rica
  • HERMES Video Solution by TFI Digital Media Limited
  • Estina and its document signing portal ISIGN
  • SingularLogic
  • OTE Group



  • Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC): eRezeki Program
  • Rainbow SHOW Rewards Program by Baptist Rainbow Primary School & Big Dipper Studio Limited
  • SELTAS by The SAME Network



  • Armenian Union of Information Technologies Enterprises (UITE) for the “Armath” project /Establishment of Engineering laboratories in the school system of Armenia
  • Mandalay Technology Company Limited (Myanmar)



  • NAVER (for Modoo Service)
  • BNETWORKS SDN.BHD.   “bWave: Enabling IoT with Universal Hub and Platform”
  • Claxi by Bransys


See the photos from the October 4, 2016 Award Ceremony!

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