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SEPE BOD & 2017 WITSA Awards’ Greek Winners met with Greek President

[Original article in Greek here] With the President of the Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, representatives of the Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Association (SEPE) and the leaders of the Greek companies that excelled in this year’s WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards 2017 met at the Presidential Palace .

At the meeting the SEPE was represented by the Chairman of the BoD, Mr. Anastasios Tzikas, the 1st Executive BoD Vice-President, Mrs. Panagiota Paparidou, the General Secretary of the BoD, Mrs Irene Nicolaides, Mr. Vasilis Orfanos, BoD Member, Mr. Stelios Christakos, and Mr. Yannis Syrör, CEO of SEPE and Vice-President WITSA for Europe. At the same time, on behalf of the winning companies, the present at the Presidential Palace gave:

Mr. Thanasis Petmezas, General Manager, cosmoONE, who was awarded as Winner for the implementation of the ” Innovative Electronic Auction Applications in the Energy Markets ” project, concerning electronic auction systems, used in the energy markets in Greece and provided with logic of SaaS – Software as a Service.

Konstantinos Kontos, General Manager, SYMETAL SA, which was awarded as Winner for the implementation of the Slitting Optimization Cutting Optimization System by developing and utilizing a specialized algorithm, combined with the use of already available software and the development of in-house applications .

Mr. Antonis Kyriazis, Chief Executive Officer, SoftOne Technologies, who has been awarded the Merit Winner for Enterprise Mobility Soft1 360 , which allows every modern enterprise to run its operations without time or geographical constraints from anywhere using any device.

Mr. George Dimitriadis, Business Unit Director of Information Systems and Telecommunications, AIA, which was distinguished as Merit Winner for the implementation of the ” Internet of noisy Things ” an integrated Internet of Things solution.

Moreover, in the same event and as Merit winners, Printec has been distinguished in the implementation of the ” Digital Transformation of Raifeissen Bank in Serbia ” within the framework of the branch transformation initiative implemented by the bank and TMS Tankers for the development of ” Energy Baseline developed by using Tableau and In-house Software “to evaluate and optimize boat performance.

The President of the Republic congratulated the companies for their worldwide award and at the same time expressed the belief that the distinction of the six nominations presented by SEPE at this year’s awards is a confirmation of the high level digital solutions offered by the Greek companies at international level, of the dynamics of the digital technology sector in our country. At the same time, Mr. Pavlopoulos noted that the emergence of the Information and Communication Technologies sector as a strategic pillar in the development effort of the Greek economy is critical and self-evident both at the public sector level – by upgrading the services offered to citizens and businesses – level of private sector – to strengthen the competitiveness of the Greek economy.

For his part, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEPE, Mr. Anastasios Tzikas stressed that “It was a very important meeting and a great honor for all of us. The six in six – six awards and the six nominations – which we achieved this year and especially in a total of 19 companies and organizations that have been distinguished from around the world in this year ‘s event, is really impressive. It is another message of optimism. In our opinion, Greece can and should become a European hubtechnologies, because it has the raw material that is the highly specialized scientific potential. Greek IT and communications industries are a national chapter that can help the country make the big changes it needs. And in this context, the President of the Republic has agreed. Technology and Information Technology and Communications companies have added value to the Greek economy, particularly at this stage. They are outward-looking companies that have stayed up in the crisis. Greece has to bring technologies into a new strategic industry. This does not mean that things are simple and easy, but the messages of optimism are constantly growing in our industry. 

The World Association of Information Technology and Services – WITSA is a consortium of 80 IT Associates from around the world, which today represent more than 90{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257} of the global technology market. The APPE actively supports the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards, which are awarded with the aim of highlighting the business excellence in the IT and Communications Technology sector worldwide. The APR’s submissions to the WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards since 2006 have been distinguished for eleven consecutive years, reaching a total of 16 awards.

From left: Vassilis Orfanos, SEE Board Member, Stelios Christakos, SEE Board Member, Konstantinos Kontos, General Manager, SYMETAL SA, Antonis Kyriazis, Chief Executive Officer, SoftOne Technologies, Thanasis Petmezas, General Manager, cosmoONE, Prokopios Pavlopoulos, Anastasios Tzikas, SEE Board Chairman, Irini Nikolaidis, SEE General Secretary, Giota Paparidou, Executive Vice President, Georgios Dimitriadis, Director of Business Intelligence Systems & Telecoms Unit, Athens International Airport, Yiannis Syr As General Manager and Vice WITSA APR for Europe

From left:  Anastasios Tzikas, Board Chairman APR Giannis Syrros, General Manager and Vice WITSA APR for Europe, Prokopios Pavlopoulos, President of the Republic.