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Taiwan Resources (COVID-19)

April 15, 2020: Taiwan has extensive knowledge of public health, as well as medical service resources, and has accumulated rich experience in epidemic prevention. Therefore, in the face of the global scourge of the COVID-19, through advanced deployment of these resources by the government, Taiwan has attracted attention from various countries because of its strong epidemic prevention performance. Many foreign doctors have been taking counsel from Taiwan.

On 29th March, Changhua Christian Hospital conducted an online webinar regarding epidemic prevention with the Myanmar Hospital Association. 81 physicians representing Myanmar participated, including members of the Myanmar Ministry of Health, and the Hospital Association

On 2ndApril, National Cheng Kung University Hospitaland ALKEM Laboratories India also conducted an online epidemic prevention seminar. The discussion included Taiwan’s epidemic prevention experiences, such as the sharing of new coronavirus (COVID-19) testing methods, drug treatment programs, methods of managing the number of cases, mask control policies, etc. As many as 8,962 Indian doctors participated in the online seminar. National Cheng Kung University Hospital will hold a second epidemic prevention webinar on 14thApril as requested by Indian local physicians.

In addition, doctors from various countries have raised requests for counsel from Taiwanese doctors and experts to benefit from Taiwan’s epidemic prevention experience. Therefore, medical teams worldwide needing COVID-19 prevention strategies are welcome to contact the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. We will cordially arrange for local anti-epidemic experts to share Taiwan’s experience online.  Please contact to be connected with TAITRA. 

April 9, 2020: How to Sterilize a Surgical Mask Using a Rice Cooker


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March 23, 2020: Coronavirus Prevention E-Conference  Contact CISA if interested in learning more about the cases Taiwan deals with coronavirus outbreak. Information Service Industry Association (CISA): Reed Tseng ( [LINK]

March 10, 2020: What Taiwan can teach the world on fighting the coronavirus
Coronavirus seriously affects the world industry. But Taiwan’s control of the epidemic is impressive. According to NBC NEWS report on March 10, it listed eight principal points of view. In this report, Taiwan uses many technology products to prevent epidemics, such as temperature monitors to detect body temperature, location sharing on mobile phone to control home quarantine, and QR code to track travel information.

“Taiwan’s healthcare ranked No. 1.”  Ms. Chiu, the Chairman of WITSA, said. Taiwan’s successful experience in using technology can be shared with all countries around the world. It coincides with the purpose of WITSA to promote the application and development of the ICT industry.