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WITSA Announces 2021 Global ICT Excellence Award Winners


November 13, 2021

Contact: Anders Halvorsen      +1 571 265-5964


Winners demonstrated excellence in improving the human condition through digital innovation and public-private partnerships

 Dhaka, Bangladesh: On the second day of the 2021 World Congress on IT (WCIT 2021) Dhaka, Bangladesh hybrid event, the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) announced that fourteen private and public sector organizations from four different continents were selected to receive the 2021 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards, a special WITSA Chairman’s Award as well as a WITSA Eminent Persons Award. WITSA is the leading recognized voice of the global digital technology industry, whose members from over 80 countries and economies represent more than 90% of the world’s ICT market. The WITSA Awards recognize the entities that made the most significant contributions to mankind in 2021.

“The Selection committee for the 2021 the Global ICT Excellence Awards had the honor of reviewing well over 100 well-qualified, unique and remarkable award submissions,” said WITSA Chairman Yannis Sirros. “I would also like to congratulate all of the winners for the superb job that they are doing in bringing the benefits of digital technology to children, citizens, governments, education, science, healthcare, the environment, industries and societies as well as nearly every aspect of our life; thus, contributing to WITSA’s vision and the theme of this congress “Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age,” continued Mr. Sirros.

The Awards also recognized an investment solution that uses unique innovative technologies to allow  people without bank accounts to make low risk investments for capital conservation; a smart building digital platform that effectively reinforces productivity of building facilities, reduce operation cost and achieve sustainable development using AI; a company that helps the planet by remanufacturing and repurposing computers, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint and e-waste in its country; a tele-health contact center that provides important health services through digital technologies in a country with limited resources; a cloud-based infrastructure where people everywhere can get critical information and help to improve their health and fitness, bringing enormous benefits to not only the local sports industry,  but also society as a whole; a one-of-a-kind cloud-based eBook creator that allows educators to create interactive eBooks in any format and engage students in both the online and offline worlds; and a company that uses innovative technologies to include AI and machine-learning to save lives and billions of dollars by effectively,  as well as affordably eliminating the risk of catastrophic bird collisions at airports worldwide.

Governments were also recognized for building a highly successful startup ecosystem; for creating an all-hazard preparedness and response digital government platform; for measurably improving and easing the everyday quality of life and productivity of citizens and businesses through the simplification and digitization of the state; for creating a digital dashboard that has helped safely guide its country through the COVID-19 pandemic; for a proven project that reduces crime using digitized automation processes using deploying advanced data analytics and graphing technology and connectivity analysis of big data; for a celebrated public platform for learning resources that utilizes cloud and advanced technology and is used by hundreds of schools and millions of students and teachers.

The nominations submitted to this year’s awards program spanned WITSA’s entire global membership, from Egypt to Bangladesh, from Argentina to the United Kingdom and beyond.  “This year’s awards are occurring at a unique time in history.  Despite going through a global pandemic, we are delighted that we will be able to recognize some of the very best ICT solutions from governments, institutions, individuals, and industry”, stated WITSA’s Secretary General, Dr. Jim Poisant.

The WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards is one of WITSA’s most popular programs. Started over 20 years ago, at the 2000 World Congress on IT in Taipei, WITSA has – as the leading recognized international voice of the global ICT industry – utilized its unprecedented reach into the ICT industry in over 80 countries, from Australia and New Zealand to Bangladesh and Malaysia, to South Africa and Nigeria, to Argentina and Canada, in order to select the most impactful and innovative candidates from every corner of the world.

Over the past 21 years, WITSA has recognized its award winners on the world stage, starting in Taipei, to Adelaide (Australia), Athens (Greece), Austin (Texas), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Montreal (Canada), Guadalajara (Mexico), Brasilia (Brazil), Hyderabad (India), Yerevan (Armenia), Penang (Malaysia), and now Dhaka, Bangladesh.

What makes the Global ICT Excellence Awards unique is that nominations are made by experts that know the industry best; the national and regional WITSA ICT industry member associations. With unparalleled insight, the most innovative and impactful solutions are brought before an independent panel of judges, consisting of select industry leaders and luminaries from key international organizations, corporations and government entities, who spent countless hours reviewing submissions from all around the world.

The following are the winners of the 2021 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards:


  1. 2021 Chairman’s Award: Mondly – Learn 33 Languages
  1. 2021 Digital Opportunity/Inclusion Award (Private Sector/NGO):
    – Poincenot’s Investment Solution
  2. 2021 Digital Opportunity/Inclusion Award (Public Sector): Ministry of Digital Governance, Hellenic Republic
  3. 2021 Smart Cities Award (Private Sector/NGO):
    – Arup: Neuron Smart Building Digital Platform – Empowering Building Sustainability and Wellbeing through AI & Digital Technology
  4. 2021 Smart Cities Award (Public Sector): Emergency Dada Platform, all-hazard preparedness, and response for a digital government
  5. 2021 Sustainable Growth Award/Circular Economy Award (Private/Public Sector/NGO):
    – Rentwise SDN BHD
  6. 2021 Innovative E-Health Solutions Award (Private Sector/NGO): National Tele-Health Contact Center -Shastho Batayon 16263
  7. 2021 Innovative E-Health Solutions Award (Public Sector): Taipei City Government Covid19 Dashboard and Data Analysis
  8. 2021 Public/Private Partnership Award (Private Sector/NGO): AEB (Acer e-Enabling Service Business Inc.) and Taiwan i-Sports Information Platform for Taiwan Sports Administration
  9. 2021 Public/Private Partnership Award (Public Sector): Singapore Police Force
  10. 2021 E-Education & Learning Award (Private Sector/NGO): Vijua
  11. 2021 E-Education & Learning Award (Public Sector): Taipei CooC Cloud
  12. 2021 Emerging Digital Solutions Award: “nvbird airport”, by NVISIONIST SA.
  13. 2021 Startup Ecosystem Award: MDEC: Tech Ecosystem & Globalization – GAIN Programme to Accelerate Globalization (Malaysia)

WITSA bestowed its highest award, the Eminent Persons Award, to the Honorable Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, for her fight again fundamentalism, militancy and terrorism as well her dedication to the Bangladeshi people’s fundamental rights, dignity, self-sufficiency and prosperity.

As in 2021 this year’s WITSA Awards received a large number of highly qualified nominees, received from WITSA’s network of ICT industry associations across the globe. WITSA therefore, decided to also recognize the most noteworthy Runner-up candidates and Merit winners. While not being selected as winners of one of the award categories, these nominees nevertheless displayed first-rate use and innovation of ICT.

On November 13th, WITSA recognized 13 Runner-up and 17 Merit awards. All winners of the 2021 WITSA Awards are profiled in detail below:


The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) is the leading recognized international voice of the global ICT industry, whose members from over 80 countries and economies represent more than 90 percent of the world ICT market.  WITSA is dedicated to advocating policies that advance industry growth and development; facilitating international trade and investment in ICT products and services; strengthening WITSA’s national industry associations; and providing members with a broad network of professional contacts.  WITSA hosts the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), the premier global industry sponsored ICT conference.

WITSA members are leaders in a globally interconnected marketplace. Because the challenges facing the ICT industry are undisputedly global in nature, WITSA members work together to achieve a shared vision on important issues of common interest. WITSA makes it possible for its members — ranging from Mongolia and Argentina to Kenya and the United States — to identify common issues and priorities, exchange valuable information, and present a united position on industry issues.

For more information on WITSA, please visit

WITSA Eminent Persons Award

The Honorable Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh

In 2010, WITSA decided to broaden its awards to include individuals who have made and are continuing to make a significant contribution to mankind. These contributions are not necessarily ICT related.

The first winner of the award was President Nelson Mandela of South Africa.  Additional winners include Co-Fathers of the Internet Drs. Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, the Fathers of WI-FI Drs. John O’Sullivan and Terence Percival, Dr. Miguel Ângelo Laporta Nicolelis, best known for his pioneering work surrounding brain-machine interface technology, Mike Lazaratis, Founder of the Smart Phone, as well as other luminaries such as Dr Bill Magee the founder of Operation Smile, and Mr. Karen Vardanyan for his pioneering work in establishing the IC industry in Armenia.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the longest serving prime minister in Bangladesh’s history. Sheikh Hasina is a staunch crusader against fundamentalism, militancy and terrorism who has been a consistent force ensuring people’s right to food, to vote and protecting other fundamental rights. Despite a life filled with hardships, under her leadership, people of Bangladesh achieved democracy and freedom of speech. Bangladesh earned the dignity of becoming a lower middle-income country under her rule, having earlier been designated as a Least Developed Country (LDC). The country has achieved tremendous success on socio-economic fronts during her tenure. She has been bestowed many honorary degrees from esteemed universities around the world and was honored with numerous awards for her outstanding contributions to social work, peace and stability from notable institutions such as The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in recognition of her outstanding contribution to promotion of girls’ and women’s education. She was conferred on the United Nation’s highest environmental accolade ‘Champion of the Earth Award 2015’ in policy leadership category for her forefront role at home and abroad to face the adverse impacts of climate change. The International Telecommunication Union gave her the ‘ICTs in Sustainable Development Award 2015’ for her outstanding contributions in spreading information technology in the country.

For more information, see, WITSA’s Eminent Persons Webpage.


Mondly Learn 33 Languages (Romania)

Romanian-based, Mondly is a leading online language learning platform that enables over 80 million people from 190 countries to learn 33 languages. Launched in 2014, Mondly quickly became a leading app in the mobile space, reaching #1 in Education in most European countries, Latin America and Asia. According to Statista, Mondly now ranks among the top 5 language learning apps worldwide. It is a state-of-the-art speech recognition and chatbot technologies that has won multiple awards from Apple, Google and Facebook. The tool is available on iPhone & iPad, Android and web.

Mondly was the first to launch language learning apps in VR and AR with chatbot and speech recognition and have since further disrupted the language learning industry with innovative solutions such as Hands-free learning. Mondly’s mission is to advance the way people learn languages and endorse cultural and linguistic diversity through cutting-edge technologies.

Contact: Alex Iliescu, CEO and Co-Founder at Mondly

E-mail: | Phone: +40733969116

Nominated by: ATIC, Romania

For more information, see: Award Nomination | | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin


Poincenot’s Investment Solution (Argentina)

In 2018 there were over 450,0000 custodial accounts in Argentina. This reflects that only 1% of the population had access to invest in the financial system, which was far below average in comparison to other countries of the region. Those who were banked and had some kind of knowledge of investments were the target. In light of the chance of providing access and the possibility to invest to a huge sector of the population, which was left out of the financial system, in October 2018, Mercado Pago launched an investment solution targeted at users of its digital wallet, who were able to open a custodial account and invest their money on Bind mutual funds with just 5 clicks, in only 3 minutes. By clicking on the “invest” option, the user can start getting returns from the account balance. Moreover, the solution is in compliance with the monitoring process required by regulatory bodies. This initiative was quite innovative and allowed including an audience that, the majority of them, had not had access to investments. Mercado Pago´s goal is to bring a Mutual Fund to the market aimed at small investors, with a straightforward solution, 100% online. Thus, by means of the use of technology, a sophisticated product becomes an accessible option for everyone.

Argentina has a large number of people without access to the financial system. This solution uses innovative technology to allow unbanked people to make low risk investments primarily for capital conservation. This technological innovation promoted the opening of more than 3,700,000 new investment accounts. Nowadays, the daily average of opening is 6,000 investment accounts, and transactions (subscription and redemption) reach 1,000,000 daily.

Apart from the Mutual Investment Fund, users can also make use of the benefits brought by this digital wallet: Make transactions with QR code; Utilities payments; Cellphone recharge;  Transport card recharge;  DIRECTV recharge;  Balance transfers.

Contact: Sebastián Rodríguez Coordinador de Desarrollo de Mercados CESSI ArgenTIna Ciudad de Buenos Aires Tel: (+5411) 5217-7802 | |

Nominated by: CESSI, Argentina

More information:; Award nomination



Ministry of Digital Governance, Hellenic Republic (Greece)

The Chief goal of the Ministry of Digital Governance is to improve and ease the everyday quality of life and productivity of citizens and businesses measurably, through the simplification and digitization of the state and to transform Greece into “digital by default” by 2023.

Featuring all the contemporaneous digital services (501) plus two new ones which are the most popular services by citizen demand of the Greek government (“Solemn Declaration” and “Power of Attorney”) in order to help alleviate the citizen’s need to physically travel to a government service center.

It is estimated that just one of the new services will quash about 8.5 million visits to government service centers. It has deployed teleconference, teleworking, healthcare (drug prescriptions on the cloud,) remote education, arts streaming digital solutions as well as a “Digital Solidarity” platform. It has deployed a digital service for citizens to request work commute and extraordinary movement permits, as well as a COVID-19 patient registry, paperless prescriptions for all patients to simplify drug purchase and delivery and eliminate unnecessary visits to drugstores and physicians.

It has applied for European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), which will function as one-stop shops that help companies dynamically respond to the digital challenges and become more competitive.

Contact: Dr. Thanos Dimas Email: Phone/Mobile: +3069 4695 7695

Nominated by: SEPE, Greece

More information: Award nomination; ; DG-ConnectKEP VideoDigital Review videoMyHealthApp videoNDA Teaser video.


Arup: Neuron Smart Building Digital Platform – Empowering Building Sustainability and Wellbeing through AI & Digital Technology (Hong Kong)

A scalable, innovative, proven solution with global potential, the Neuron Smart Building Digital Platform serves as the ‘digital brain’ for buildings to monitor their systems and respond in real time. It consolidates and connect data from disparate equipment and devices to provide customized insight and machine learning models for building performance management and improvement, new building design, asset and operation management, energy monitoring and optimization – which makes our buildings, districts and cities healthier, and creates more sustainable places to live and work.

It enables prompt and adaptive response to dynamic environment, helping users effectively reinforce productivity of building facility, reduce operation cost and achieve sustainable development.

The application is beyond buildings to other infrastructures as part of their digital transformation journey. It has been successfully implemented at One Taikoo Place in Hong Kong, and the National Aquatics Center in Beijing, and will be adopted at Two Taikoo Place to be completed in 2021/22. It is a milestone for the creation of an ecosystem for smart buildings and is not only beneficial to construction industry, but also paving the way for further adoption in various fields and sectors from hardware to services, bringing a new momentum to smart city development

Contact:  Jerman Cheung / Manager – PR and Events

Email: | Phone/Mobile: 3447 6159

Nominated by: HKITF, Hong Kong

More information:  Award nomination.


Emergency Dada Platform, all-hazard preparedness, and response for a digital government (Taiwan)

Has won multiple awards, demonstrated high impact, scalable, using innovative technologies, wide range of digital applications that benefit Taipei population on multiple levels. 

Five strategies:

  1. Integration of multifaceted intelligence:
  2. Web-Geographic Information System dynamic visualization
  3. Operation on a single platform
  4. Responsive web design
  5. Digital innovation for the Internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence

In accordance with these five strategies, NTPC has developed an emergency data platform (EDP) to provide four major applications, namely incident visualization, monitoring and early-warning alerts, potential analysis and prediction, and hazardous information announcement, to respond to the impact of imminent catastrophes. The successful experience of the EDP can be shared worldwide, especially with the cities confronted by various natural disasters and epidemics. By introducing this disaster prevention and relief platform system, the government’s disaster response efficiency can be improved, and civilian casualties and loss during disasters can be reduced.

Contact Name/title: 林晏達 科員 | Email: | Phone/Mobile: +886938232362

Nominated by: CISA, Taiwan.

More information: Award nomination.



A Global impact, scalable, and proven solution, Rentwise began operations in 2001 and from inception have been championing the need for a circular IT business model. The company acquires computers from the market when organizations retire these computers. Through a remanufacturing process, these computers are then restored to a ‘as-new condition’ and put back (repurposed) into the market either through a lease to use model or a sale, both of which the user is subsequently encouraged to return or sell back the computer to Rentwise at the end of use.

For the past few years, the company has been processing an average of 20,000 computers – a combination of laptops and desktops purchased back from the private and public sector annually. This reduces the country’s annual IT carbon footprint by 9,500 tons which is equivalent to 105 metric tons of e-waste.

Rentwisers are also on a social empowerment mission to inculcate within society the importance of repurposing than mere recycling. As a recognition to our cause, we were recently conferred the winner of the Circular Economy Leadership category of the Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA) 2020 by Enterprise Asia, a regional non-profit organization that includes panel judges and support from UN Social Impact Fund and other like-minded leading authorities.

Contact PIKOM, Malaysia: Mr. Ong Kian Yew:

More information: NominationPresentationCompany Profile


National Tele-Health Contact Center -Shastho Batayon 16263 (Bangladesh)

Providing important health services through digital technologies in a country with limited resources. Scalable, some degree of innovation and proven benefits. This is the First & Largest Gov. initiative for doctor based tele health contact center in Bangladesh. Shastho Batayon is the ONE STOP & LARGEST DIGITAL HEALTH SERVICE FOR THE CITIZEN OF BANGLADESH.

Won the Digital Bangladesh Award 2020. It is an integrated, innovative health service model accessible 24/7/365 from anywhere by land line & mobile phone by dialing the short code 16263. It provides more than 10 innovative health services and even this service is also integrated with other nationally important citizen service. Shastho Batayon has created exciting opportunities for providing the responsive, low cost & high-quality health services for citizen with diversified solutions and additional resources. More & more innovative health services can be added to deliver from a single ONE-STOP platform- strategic plan will guide us.

Contact: Shohorab Ahmed Chowdhury, Managing Director (MD); Synesis IT Ltd.


Alternative E-Mail:,

Phone/Mobile: +8801912499989 ; Alternative Phone/Mobile: +8801751866600 N

Nominated by: BCS, Bangladesh

More information


Taipei City Government Covid19 Dashboard and Data Analysis (Taiwan)

The COVID dashboard provides the city government’s decision-making team with key data including trends of the pandemic across the world, in Taiwan, and Taipei. In addition to statistical data, TUIC have more detailed COVID-19 data for Taipei City including Hot spots of confirmed cases, PCR positive rate, home isolation, total of rapid screening positive rates, real-time data on the flow of people entering the public spaces, and the number of people in epidemic prevention hotels.

In addition to using dashboards for monitoring data, TUIC has also conducted in-depth analysis and research. It uses epidemic investigation data to analyze infection associations, grasp the connections between confirmed cases and close contacts, expand the scope of the contact list, and clarify the infection chain of those diagnosed with the virus. It also uses the data of the confirmed cases to calculate the Rt value (Effective Reproductive Number) and the map of the confirmed growth rate of each area in Taipei City, assisting decision-making teams to quickly assess the weekly development of the pandemic in Taipei City.

Contact Name/title: Sun-Yi, Yang/ Sub-section Chief Email:  Phone/Mobile: +886-2-2720-8889 ext.8588

Nominated by CISA, Taiwan

More information: Award Nomination


 AEB (Acer e-Enabling Service Business Inc.) and Taiwan i-Sports Information Platform for Taiwan Sports Administration

This Project is well established (since 2015) and have proven successes. Half the Taiwanese population use the service and has resulted in a more active population. The Project is a partnership between Taiwan Sports Administration, the governing authority of sports activity in Taiwan, and Acer e-Enabling Service Business Inc. (AEB), an IT service provider for organizations looking for solutions of digital transformation. The Project set a goal at the inception to “instill health lifestyle to general public to meet the challenges brought upon by ageing society” through the nationwide promotion of sports/health activity and the establishment of well-architect information infrastructure.

It is a cloud-based infrastructure where people everywhere in the country can easily access sports information such as the nearest sports facility and services provided by the facility. It provides “data” to people for them to understand their status of physical fitness, creates an ecosystem where those in needs of professional sports advice can find coaches with authenticated certifications, and those in pursuit of a professional coaching career can be properly trained and certified.

The Taiwan i-Sports Information Platform was built and started to operate from 2015 until today, and in the process has concluded 5 sub-projects and implemented 15 systems. The Project brings enormous benefits to not only the local sports industry but also the overall society. 50% of Taiwanese have visited the platform for various purposes, accounted for around 12.3 million persons and 600% growth since the Project was initiated in 2015. More than 2600 sports events are published per year. Sports event participation rate has increased to around 85%, and the participation rate of events for the elderly also increased 51% in 2021 as compared to 2015

Contact: Olive Chang, Marketing Manager

Email: | Phone/Mobile: (886)2-26963131# 5022 / (886) 909132661

Nominated by CISA, Taiwan

More information: Award Nomination 


 Singapore Police Force

A proven project that reduces crime using digitized automation processes using deploying advanced data analytics and graphing technology and connectivity analysis of big data, Project POET is a collaboration between Singapore Police Force (Public Sector Category) and three private sector banks, namely Development Bank of Singapore (DBS), Oversea-Chinese Bank of Singapore (OCBC) and United Overseas Bank (UOB). POET leverages technology and process automation to facilitate the way data is retrieved and provided. These partner banks have optimized the process so as to speed up turnaround time.

Banking information that used to take between ten days to ninety days is now made available to investigators within one working day. This prompt exchange of banking information has improved the agility of law enforcement. Investigators are able to react faster to prevent the perpetuation of crime, improve crime detection and enhance solvability. With the improved speed of detection, potential victims are prevented from falling prey early and potential money are saved. POET has also significantly transformed the way data is managed to strengthen the surveillance and sense-making capabilities of the financial industry.

Contact: Camille Ang / 3 Planning Officer, Organization Development Division


Nominated by SGTech, Singapore


 Vijua (Egypt)

With More than 200,000 around the world, Kotobee Author is a comprehensive eBook creator and EPUB editor, suitable for anyone working in the education, training, and publishing industry. Kotobee Author was created by Vijua ( to alleviate the necessity for face-to-face learning interaction and allow learning to be either in the same premises or on the cloud. It also focuses on making learning engaging and interactive for learners to avoid students getting bored or having low attention spam by always keeping studying interactive through videos, audio, quizzes, and puzzles, etc.

What’s unique about Kotobee Author is that you can use it to create books that are both interactive and engaging to your audience. You may easily create interactive eBooks rich with video, audio, 3D, book widgets, questions, and more. You can also customize the look and feel of your eBook apps and emulate the result on different platforms and devices. After you’re done, you can export your eBook into 10+ different formats, such as web apps, mobile apps, and digital libraries.

Kotobee Author allows creators the freedom to expand their vision for eBook creation and to not be limited by conventional or static rules. With developer tools and a myriad of interactive elements on offer. It also allows educators to create interactive eBooks in any format, create interactive eBooks, export them in multiple formats, and deliver them securely to your users. Use videos, interactive images, and widgets to engage students. Display eBooks on web, desktop, or tablets. Distribute eBooks individually or collectively through an internal library app. Collect reports for students’ activities using Tin-Can API. Encourage students to learn to create interactive eBooks at an early age.

Anyone can download and use Kotobee author as we offer a lifetime free version, and you only pay for one of our many packages if you need additional features. It is used by more than 200,000 users around the world. Check out some of the case studies ( for our amazing customers.

Contact: Mr. Ayman Abdel Rahman | Email: | Mobile: +01114734321

Nominated by: EITESAL, Egypt

More information: NominationKotobee AuthorCase StudiesWhitepaper


 Taipei CooC Cloud (Taiwan)

Nationwide public platform for learning resources, utilizing cloud and advanced technology and used hundreds of schools and millions of students and teachers. The “Taipei CooC-Cloud” platform for learning resources, since its establishment in 2016, has launched 11,248 online learning videos and 21 kinds of electronic databases, in an effort to provide parents, teachers and students with personalized and high-quality cloud learning services. Taipei CooC-Cloud has signed memorandums of understanding with 15 counties and cities across Taiwan to share the resources on the platform. It won the IDC SCAPA Award in the education category in 2019 and 2020 consecutively, receiving wide international recognition.

In 2021, in cooperation with the Department of Education and the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC), Taipei CooC-Cloud promoted CooC Cloud to 1,054 Chinese day schools abroad.  In 2021, an upgraded version of Taipei CooC-Cloud was launched, and a CooC APP was developed as a parent-teacher-student platform, effectively closing parent-teacher distance, and reducing the workload of school administrative staff. It utilizes electronic contact books, online survey forms, campus electronic 3 payments, activity registration, score query and more. During the class suspension period from May 19, 2021 to July 1, 2021 in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of CooC-Cloud users increased by more than 25.02 million, overfilling 70 million visits. To be specific, the number of hits of online courses exceeded 330 million. A total of 315 schools across the country launched a total of 26,148 courses.

Contact: Sun-Yi, Yang/ Sub-section Chief

Email: | Phone/Mobile: +886-2-2720-8889 ext.8588

Nominated by: CISA, Taiwan

More information:  Award Nomination;


“nvbird airport”, by NVISIONIST SA. (Greece)

Using innovative technologies (Ai/machine learning, RGB cameras, surface radar) to produce more effective and affordable solution to minimize risk of bird collisions at airports worldwide – potentially saving lives as well as up to $2 billion per year globally. Already implemented in a pilot on a Greek island. Innovative, scalable/global potential. Using innovative technologies (Ai/machine learning, RGB cameras, surface radar) to produce more effective and affordable solution to minimize risk of bird collisions at airports worldwide – potentially saving lives as well as up to $2 billion per year globally. Already implemented in a pilot on a Greek island. This innovative, scalable solution by nvisionist implements the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to the aviation sector.

It is a high demand installation, since it helps airport’s operators to minimize the risk of bird collision with the airplanes during landing and take-off. The system is built around a unique Machine Learning algorithm, developed in-house, capable of detecting birds, flocks of birds, drones and other objects of interest within the critical areas of the airports. The nominated solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Nvisionist has thorough knowledge of the Renewable Energy market and works closely with energy providers, environmental teams and lately with airport operators. Initially they developed a bird monitoring system for wind turbines and since then the solution has been modified and enhanced accordingly to cover the needs of airports

They realized that there was a need for a state-of-the-art system for bird deterrence that meet the criteria set by the responsible authorities, since the existing solutions were outdated and unable to meet the high standards for bird monitoring and deterrence suitable for airports. The innovative Monitoring System for airports “Nvbird airport” uses RGB cameras in combination with advanced yet inexpensive surface radar, to monitor the risk zones of the airport under any circumstances. It monitors the entire length of the runway and cover both the approach and take-off areas up to a height of 1,500 feet. The machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence ensure that birds in critical areas in the flight route of aircraft during take-off and landing are detected and when there is a high risk of collision it can also alarm the control tower operators to take appropriate measures.

Analysts estimate the cost of bird strikes between 1 and 2 billion US dollars per year. Currently the majority of airports rely on human patrols to observe and identify bird movements and scare them away by firing air cannons or play distress sounds from vehicles equipped with loudspeakers. Few airports deploy advanced radar systems which are extremely expensive and effective only on flocks of birds or very large birds.

Contact:  Vassilis Orfanos

Email: | Phone/Mobile: +30 210 300 82 69, +30 6987 490 008

Nominated by: SEPE, Greece

More information: Award Nominationnvbird airport descriptionPresentation



MDEC: Tech Ecosystem & Globalization – GAIN Programme to Accelerate Globalization (Malaysia)

Building Local Startups
– Malaysia Digital Hub & Corporate Innovation
– Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Programme
– Fintech and Islamic Digital Economy (FIDE)

Support companies in market expansion & internationalization
– Connect companies to potential partners & resellers
– Connect companies to potential end-customers & corporates
– Connect companies with government and trade agencies
– Connect companies to the media & other partners
– Connect companies with regional venture capitals & private equities
– Connect companies with local and foreign business and trade associations

Venture & Community Building
– 19 Accelerator Engagements
– 6 Community Programs
– 10 Malaysia Digital Hub (MDH) operators; 22 Certified MDH locations – 632 startups

Amplification: Speaking Opportunities; Media Engagements (PR support); Media training and consultation; newsletters, social media; websites

Alternative Funding: Partnership with 14 ECF/P2P Platforms to promote alternative financing to assist MSMEs for sustainability and growth

Contact:  Ryan Chan / Head of global business development, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

Email: | Phone/Mobile: +60 12-311 9880

Nominated by: PIKOM, Malaysia

More information: Award NominationPresentation






ThitsaWorks Solutions Myanmar [NominationAward LetterMCIA Email] MCIA, Myanmar


GovTech: PAB x GALE SGTech, Singapore


National Parks Board SGTech, Singapore


GovTech: Waste Resource Management System (WRMS)  SGTech, Singapore
Biometric Identity and Worker Information Management System [Nomination MS WordPDFBCS EmailSupporting Documentation] BCS, Bangladesh


Sengkang General Hospital & IHiS SGTech, Singapore
Tan Tock Seng Hospital SGTech, Singapore


AI3 CO. [NominationCISA List of Nominees; E-mail] CISA, Taiwan


Immigration Department, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: When Technology meets Quality Service: Next Generation Smart Identity Card System [NominationSupporting documentHKITF ListE-mail] HKITF, Hong Kong


XR- ATYAF Augmented & Virtual Reality Product [BTECH NominationE-mailPresentation] BTECH, Bahrain


GovTech: Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS)  SGTech, Singapore


Fano Labs Ltd: Callinter, an Artificial Intelligence Compliance Assurance System [Nomination8_FanoLabs_Callinter_Datasheet;

8_FanoLabs_Callinter_White_Paper;  HKITF ListE-mail]

HKITF, Hong Kong


Moscow Government: Rise of the Moscow startup ecosystem [APKIT NominationMoscow Government Application] APKIT, Russia



Merit winners


Arab Women Communication Platform (Ra’edat Community Platform) [BTECH NominationE-mailSupporting Document] BTECH, Bahrain


E-tendering System [BTECH NominationE-mailLink to Project] BTECH, Bahrain
iGA – Biophysical vegetation indicator [BTECH NominationE-mailproject video] BTECH, Bahrain

Arup: Development of a Common Spatial Data Infrastructure – Built Environment Application Platform (BEAP) [NominationHKITF ListE-mail] HKITF, Hong Kong


Hancom Intelligence Inc. [NominationCompany IntroductionNeoIDM_Brochure; Hancom Intelligence logoFKII E-mail] FKII, Republic of Korea
Land Transport Authority SGTech, Singapore


Hope Telecare Myanmar [NominationAward LetterMCIA Email] MCIA, Myanmar
Sustainable Health Promotion Solution [NominationCISA List of Nominees; E-mail] CISA, Taiwan
Ncell Axiata Limited [NominationCAN list of nominees; CAN E-mail] CAN, Nepal


GovTech: HealthCerts SGTech, Singapore


Century Software (M) Sdn. Bhd. [NominationCSM Corp ProfileMyResults – Solution for Nomination; PIKOM Submission] PIKOM, Malaysia


Ingrails Pvt. Ltd, Veda App [NominationCAN list of nominees; CAN E-mail] CAN, Nepal
Daffodil International University [BCS Email; Nomination MS WordPDFSupporting Information] BCS, Bangladesh
THINK OSEM SDN BHD [NominationPresentation; PIKOM Submission] PIKOM, Malaysia


ICT Innovation for Digital Certification [NominationCISA List of Nominees; E-mail] CISA, Taiwan
Informed Solutions [NominationClean Air StrategyArticle]  techUK



2021 Award Judges


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  Mr. Yannis Sirros WITSA Chairman  
  Dr. Jim Poisant, Secretariat Judge WITSA Secretary General Jim Poisant was appointed the Secretary General of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) in June 2006. In that capacity, he directs the day-to-day operations of the alliance. The WITSA alliance consists of over 80 leading ICT Associations from around the globe.
  Mr. Nick Ashton-Hart, Awards Judge Geneva Representative

Digital Trade Network (DTN)

Nick Ashton-Hart is the Geneva Representative of the Digital Trade Network. following on from his work over than a decade as the only Geneva-based representative from the technology sector to the UN, its specialized agencies, and member-state delegations.

  Mr. Gary J Beach, Awards Judge Publisher Emeritus

CIO Magazine

Gary J. Beach is Publisher Emeritus of CIO Magazine. He also is a columnist for The Wall Street Journal and founder of Tech Corps, an education technology non-profit.

  Mr. Oleg Petrov, Awards Judge Senior Digital Development Specialist, World Bank Oleg Petrov has been with the World Bank since 1996 driving knowledge sharing, digital transformation and data-driven economy development working with over 40 countries. More recently he coordinated World Bank’s Digital CASA investment projects in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Smart City and AI project in Kazakhstan; Digital Economy advisory engagements in Russia and global knowledge sharing activities of the Bank’s Digital Development team, including the High-level Experts, Leaders, and Practitioners (HELP) for Transformation, Smart Nations, Digital Economy and Open Data Communities. Oleg holds a master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University) and Diplomas from the Plekhanov Russian Economics University and Moscow International University.
  Dr. Michael R. Nelson, Awards Judge Senior Fellow and Director, Technology and International Affairs

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  Mr. Patrice Chazerand, Awards Judge Director for Digital Trade and Taxation – DIGITALEUROPE