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WITSA BOD & Related Meetings, September 9-10, 2017 (Taipei, Taiwan)


Note: All WITSA meetings on September 9-10 will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) Room 401


  • WITSA Event Brief

  • Attendance

  • BOD Agenda

  • BOD meeting slides

  • Meeting Minutes March 5, 2017 BOD Meeting (Kathmandu, Nepal)

  • HKITF request for Director change

  • Financial reports

  • Progress reports

  • ASOCIO-WITSA report: “Digital Transformation Agendas & Initiatives Within The Asia Pacific Economies” (confidential, to be released in September)


  • September 9: Global Trade Committee agenda

  • September 9: Education Committee agenda

  • September 9: Finance Committee agenda

  • September 9: Global Policy Action Committee agenda
    – Statement of Policy on Privacy, Security and Data Protection [FINAL]
    – Draft Policy Actions to Deliver the Promise of the Digital Age:

    A compendium [PDF]

    – WITSA Stakeholder Map (draft)



BOD call information (see also agenda as posted above)
Detailed September 10, 2017 BOD time zone conversions
Detailed September 10, 2017 BOD Decision Block time zone conversions

Committee call information
Detailed September 9, 2017 Global Trade Committee time zone conversions

Detailed September 9, 2017 Education Committee meeting time zone conversions
Detailed September 9, 2017 Finance Committee time zone conversions
Detailed September 9, 2017 Global Policy Action Committee time zone conversions

NOTE: In order to optimize the call experience next week, we have developed the following guidelines for your kind attention:

  • Connect digitally (not by phone), if possible: The best experience is where all participants use a digital connection, that is, a USB headset, connected to a computer.  If a USB headset is not available, then a headset that connects via a 3.5mm audio plug but bear in mind, this is an analogue connection and may be subject to some interference.

  • Connection using a mobile device, such as an iPhone/iPad or Android phone/tablet, and the GoToMeeting app, with an earpiece also works very well.  NB: wireless Blue Tooth earpieces can sometimes add a delay to the call.

  • If connection is via a computer, using the computer’s speakers and a separate microphone, or a phone/tablet without earpiece, it is critical that participants mute their microphones at all times except when speaking.  It is also important that participants using just a laptop or PC without headset do not use their keyboard for typing during the call, as their keyboard activity affects all participants

  • Participants should try to locate themselves in a relatively quiet environment for the duration of the call, if possible.

  • Connection using a conference phone on loud speaker, or any desk telephone on loudspeaker will, unless correctly configured, introduce interference and echo to the call, affecting the experience of all participants.  Use of this connection is to be avoided.