CALL TO ACTION: Launching WITSA’s Association Corner!

On behalf of WITSA, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new benefit to WITSA members called:  Association Corner.  The goal of the Association Corner is to provide WITSA members with a valuable resource tool intended to assist you in establishing, operating and developing your associations.  As I am sure you will agree, the best source for the initial gathering of information about ICT association management is from the best run ICT associations in the world - our WITSA member associations.

Accordingly, to begin the construction of this resource tool, it will be necessary to receive input from many WITSA members, as well as from other relevant sources.  This will be accomplished through a membership-wide survey found at  You may also find the link at   This resource tool is offered to WITSA members in good standing ONLY and PASSWORD PROTECTED.  Please follow the drop-down tab under Registration for instructions on retrieving your login and password.

The Association Corner survey will concentrate on the following major topic areas:

  1. Association Profile (Administration/Operations)
  2. Financial Profile (Revenues/Budgets)
  3. Lessons Learned/Best Practices (Establishment/Operations/Growth)
  4. Challenges and Opportunities

The quality and comprehensiveness of this resource tool will be heavily dependent on the amount of response we receive from our members.

WITSA would also like to send special thanks to Mr. Sabur Khan (BCS Bangladesh) and his amazing team for their outstanding work in designing this one of a kind program that most certainly will add benefit to WITSA members as well as the ICT industry.  We sincerely hope all members will take advantage of this new resources tool.

If you have any questions, need clarifications or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let me, Cathryn ( or Anders ( know.

Thank you once again!

Best Regards,


Dr. James H. Poisant
Secretary General

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