NETmundial Intervention by Roberto Mayer/WITSA

[Sao Paulo, April 24, 2014] Roberto Mayer, WITSA member from Brazil (Assespro),

On behalf of WITSA, and as you have heard in our two days, WITSA has a number of our members here at NETmundial, and has been actively engaged in all phases of its process. We have welcomed NETmundial for its opportunity for stakeholders to work together in a truly unique fashion to develop as much common understanding on the NETmundial output documents.

Regarding this Panel on the Stewardship role :

WITSA welcomed the US Government decision to transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multi stakeholder community. We support that the first step is for ICANN to convene global stakeholders to develop a proposal to transition the current role played by NTIA.

As ICANN is asked to enable this transition with broad community support, WITSA notes its support for the four key principles from NTIA for the process.

We offer a comment about a concern and interest from one significant part of the business sector and make an offer of commitment to full engagement in the process.

Businesses such as our members are also highly affected, even if not as direct IANA customers.

Such a technical and important topic must be addressed with businesses, and participation by the ICT sector, represented as stakeholders. As WITSA stated in its NETmundial content submission, and has been repeated here :"the ICT sector is the Internet, and the Internet is the ICT sector"

We have a broad and highly representative reach into the ICT sector in 85 countries, covering all the world's regions -- and we look forward to engaging in this consultation, and working to ensure a neutral, transparent, and inclusive development of a transition process, inclusive of the broad diversity of interested and affected stakeholders, along with the technical players.

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