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About five thousand people attended - in person or online - the Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2015), which took place 10-13 November in João Pessoa. The Organizing Committee of WCIT - World IT Congress - participated with booth at the IGF 2015 to promote the WCIT to be held in Brasilia 3-5 Oct. 2016. 

The executive director of the WCIT, Flavia Malkine, attended the Forum looking for Brazil and overseas delegates, sponsors and exhibitors for the WCIT in Brazil. The similarity of the target audience of the two events, the action continued its outreach activities planned by the Committee, which has international and national missions. 

WCIT2016_IGF2015The IGF is convened annually by the United Nations to discuss the challenges related to governance in the internet world. This year, the organization was the Internet Steering Committee - in Brazil - CGI, whose president and secretary of the Ministry of Science Informatics Policy, Technology and Innovation, Virgílio Almeida, and the counselor, Hartmut Glaser, are speakers confirmed the WCIT. 

"We are discussing privacy rights, we are discussing 'Zero Rating': you may want to offer free service or not? The case of Facebook:'re giving access to the internet or not? All the networks interconnection problem, human rights issues, the right to use increasingly in favor of digital inclusion technology. We have many regions in the south of the Equator, in America, in Asia, in Africa, which are not included. In our population of 7 billion worldwide, probably even half is included ", said Prof. Glaser. "An event that always has a very high expectation." 

Virgilio Almeida and Glaser reaffirmed the importance of WCIT to Brazil, as equally important issues will be addressed by the World IT Summit, which will be assembled in Brazil with the presence of personalities recognized worldwide as Vint Cerf (the internet father and vice Google-president), Alan Marcus (ICT director of the World Economic Forum), Randeep Sudan (ICT manager of the World Bank) and others. 

The World Information and Technology Services Alliance (WITSA), co-organizer of the World IT Congress along with ASSESPRO, was present at the IGF in 2015 by Vice President for Latin America, Silvia Bidart, who spoke of the great expectations success of the event in this region, boosting the ICT market, today led by Brazil with 46{60f64eca3a32b5bb2ea8b8157c42bed521fa6a22c1f99cb6807b444ebbebb257} of investments in the sector. Silvia Bidart is also director general of the Association of ICT Companies Associations in Latin America, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. 

Agenda 2030 

The Internet Governance Forum precedes the UN General Assembly, which this year will take place on 15 and 16 December in Paris. By gathering several key spheres for the development of the internet world, the results impact the goals and objectives of Agenda 2030, according to UN Under-Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs, Wu Hongbo. In all, 112 nations follow the IGF and its consequences. 

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