WITSA Awards 2021 World Congress on IT to Bangladesh

IMG_0096The WITSA Board of Directors at it March 10th meeting in Canberra, Australia, selected the Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) to host the 2021 World Congress on IT in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, a 147,570 square kilometer land of diversity that is truly an amazing nation filled with natural beauty, resource and warm hospitable people. Bangladesh is one of those few high potential nations that smartly harnesses its strengths while utilizing information technology to leap into the digital age and go on to become one of the strongest economies of the world. With the ambition to set the stage as the upcoming technologically advanced nation, Bangladesh as a nation is looking forward to hosting the 25th World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) in Bangladesh in 2021.

In fact, hosting this illustrious event fits very rightly in the overall Vision 2021 of “Digital Bangladesh” agenda. As per Vision 2021, Bangladesh with the Midas touch of ICT will graduate to a Middle Income Country by 2021 where the knowledge based population of the country will create wonders. Vision 2021 is a strategy that also has its clear reflection in the country operation plan, namely the “Seventh Five Year Plan” (Final Draft). For operational excellence, Bangladesh does an extensive planning every five years. Likewise, the reflection of “Digital Bangladesh” and it‟s involvement for future development is apparent in the plan. Hence, the year 2021 is a year of celebration for Bangladesh and hosting the WCIT 2021 will be one of the central pillars to this celebration.

BCS has for many years been dedicated to promoting National and International cooperation and has hosted several outstanding events worldwide. In 2010, BCS introduced ASOCIO Multilateral Trade Visit on ICT in the Asian-Oceanian region starting from Dhaka (2000). In 2004, BCS successfully organized ASOCIO Officers Meeting in Dhaka and in 2010 organized ASOCIO multilateral trade visit. In collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, BCS started (2005) organizing the ICT Awareness Program in divisional cities and districts and this program is continuing on a regular basis. In the year 2009, BCS organized `Digital Bangladesh Summit‟ for the first time in the country to compose a guideline of building digital Bangladesh and the year 2015 BCS initiated a Mega International event namely “Bangladesh ICT EXPO” In collaboration with ICT Division.

Bangladesh as a country is progressing at an unprecedented pace to become the next IT destination. With good governance in place and “Digital Bangladesh” being the central agenda, Bangladesh is working with a holistic approach to flex all its muscles which include demographic dividend, connectivity, power, infrastructure, niches and policies to become the IT Destination of the world.

Although, many countries of the world are trying to unleash the wave of development by using the progress of Computer & e-communication, Bangladesh is the melting pot that has taken massive initiatives over the last few years for the development of ICT infrastructure by engaging the mass people including private sector and foreign investment. Bangladesh has fixed optimistic target: Vision 2021 for massive development in respect of Physical Infrastructure, Literacy, Self Sufficiency in food production, Power for All, Education for All, Health service to the door steps, Shelter for all, Broad based Telecommunication infrastructure, Hi Speed Internet connectivity, Software export, increase ICT users, Development of ICT professionals etc, for meeting the global SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) targets. The preliminary theme for WCIT2021 is “Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age: Meet Digital Bangladesh” as the global IT/ITES Service Location. The synergy of our quality human resources, recent development of infrastructure, Government policy, youth engagement, and mass awareness for digitized lifestyle has made an economic opportunity for the desired investments. Bangladesh wants to make these dreams come true through this Congress.

The congress is intended to serve as an excellent platform to share global economic & ICT trends, to demonstrate the importance of innovation and to experience applications. The congress will not only have a tremendous impact on the global ICT community but will also be a great platform to introduce flagship projects, programs and initiatives of government and private-sector agencies/corporations, attract foreign investments in Bangladesh that will lead to inflow of global IT corporations.

With financial support provided by the government and wide support from industry leaders and academia in Bangladesh, BCS, which is comprised as a top ICT Industry Association in Bangladesh, is definitely looking forward to hosting WCIT 2021 in Bangladesh.

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