WITSA Publishes Recommendations from the 2016 World Congress on IT (WCIT 2016)

First held in 1978, the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) is unique in its global perspective on ICT issues and its ability to draw users, providers, media and academia from around the world.  Global business, government and academic leaders discuss emerging markets, legal and policy issues, political and economic trends, emerging technologies, ICT user perspectives and business opportunities in the global marketplace.

Sharing the benefits of the Digital Age with everyone on earth is the underlying goal of fulfilling the promise of the Digital Age; which also happens to be WITSA’s vision.  WITSA is committed to doing what it can do to facilitate fulfilling this promise.

However, the reality of fulfilling this promise reaches beyond any one individual or organization; it must be accomplished through multi stakeholder cooperation and collaboration.  WITSA’s annual World Congress on IT (WCIT) is an ideal way to inform, encourage, and support global collaboration towards achieving this goal. The WCIT brings together major stakeholders from the ICT industry, governments, multinational institutions, corporations and organizations, academic institutions, media and civil society.

The WCIT program consists of relevant, essential topics required to fulfill the Digital Age promise. This document contains recommendations from each WCIT 2016 session which serve not only as a recap of the sessions but a base line reference for future congresses.  It is WITSA’s sincere hope that those involved in advancing the use and inclusion of ICT’s find this and future recommendations helpful in their quest to ensure that the Digital Age promise is met.

See the WCIT Recommendations here.

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