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WITSA Welcomes New Member: Somalia Association for Information Communication Technology (SAFICT)



November 15, 2022

Contact:                       Dato’ Dan E. Khoo
                                                                              +601 (2650) 8392

WITSA Welcomes New Member: Somalia Association for Information Communication Technology (SAFICT)

Fairfax, Virginia: At its Board of Directors meetings on November 8, 2022, the World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) unanimously approved a membership application from the Somalia Association for Information Communication Technology (SAFICT). SAFICT is a private, independent and not-for-profit association which promotes know-how, tech-based solutions, cooperation and mutual support among Somalian tech companies and seeks to build Somalia as a technology powerhouse in Africa. SAFICT promotes the development of Somalia’s tech Industry while protecting the members’ rights and lobbying on important issues. Established in April 2020, SAFICT’s mission is to help grow its digital industry to become the essential sector contributing to Somalia’s economic recovery and growth and to elevate member expertise and collective interests of the member companies while upholding universal values.

“I am delighted to welcome SAFICT to WITSA’s vast network of industry associations, spanning 80 countries and economies and representing more than 90 percent of the global tech market,” stated WITSA Chairman Sean Seah. “I am looking forward to working with SAFICT to grow our global digital alliance and to position digital technology and the digital economy as the new strategic pillar for our global community, fulfilling the promise of the Digital Age for everyone,” continued Dr. Seah. “Together, we will promote the value of digital transformation as the key catalyst for economic growth and social prosperity, promote greater international cooperation, drive awareness of the competitive advantage of the digital technology industry, and strengthen WITSA’s role in the development of technology-related international public policy.”

“I am very delighted to have Somalia NGO join the MENA region, which I am sure it will be contributing to WITSA’s vision of Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age as well as the theme of WCIT 2023 in Sarawak, Malaysia,” stated WITSA’s Vice Chairman for Middle East and North America, Eng. Tarek Abd-elmonem Taha. “It will also bring about the benefits of digital technology to children, citizens, governments, education, science, healthcare, the environment, industries and societies as well as nearly every aspect of life in Somalia,” continued Eng. Taha.

“We are happy to formally join the global voice of the ICT industry; our organization is dedicated to contributing to the local technology capacity by exploring the latest technology innovation, and by becoming a member of WITSA, we can draw from our global partners,” Stated SAFICT President Ibrahim Noor. “We are committed to working with WITSA on upholding the universal values for the ICT industry and localizing the global voice of ICT, facilitating our partners and members in connecting with globally like-minded organizations.”

WITSA Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Dan E Khoo lauded SAFICT’s entry into the WITSA global community and said it was proof of the tremendous reach of the innovation and technology industry. “SAFICT’s membership expands WITSA’s global footprint and helps us in our mission to fulfill the promise of the digital age,” stated Dato’ Khoo. “Together, we are stronger and our global voice reaches further whether we drive, facilitate or advocate for policies and actions that help technology bring about societal good,” he added.

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