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Working Group on Restrictions of the Free Flow of Information Across Nationality/Regional Borders

Working Group Template


Name Country/Economy: Association Name:
Dr. Mac Yokozawa (Chair) Japan JISA
Ms. Junko Kawauchi Japan JISA
Ms. Diane Mevis Belgium DIGITALEUROPE
Mr. Patrice Chazerand Belgium DIGITALEUROPE
  1. Thanachart Numnonda
Thailand ATCI
Rahul Jain India NASSCOM/DSCI
Rahul Sharma India NASSCOM/DSCI
Mr. Eduardo Sánchez Spain AMETIC



  • Digital Europe/ITI/JEITA-JISA  Trilateral Dialogue on Forced Localisation Measures (EU View and“Tokyo Resolution”)
  • National Center for APEC,  Information Integrity Solutions (IIS) Cross Border Data Flows Report (APEC View)
  • US-Japan Internet Economy Dialogue 2014, CBDF Case Studies (American Chamber of Commerce/Japan Keidanren-Business Federation of Japan VIEW)
  • Yokozawa 2013 CBDF, Brookings Institute LA
  • ECIPE, “The Cost of Data Localisation
  • “Free, Open and Secure Internet”, Chairman’s Statement, GCCS 2015, Global Conference on Cyber Space 2015, April 16-17, The Hague, Netherland -> next Mexico GCCS in 2017
  • APEC “Services Trade Access Requirements”(STAR) Database
  • JISA position paper 2013 (shared in Trade WG)
  • WITSA Paper on Trade